UV-Map broken after moving of blend file

Hello, I have an Object with a UV-map, that looks fine. When I now move the .blend file to another Windows folder, and open it, the UV-map is broken.

Is that an expected behavior or a bug?

This is expected behaviour. Try this:

  • move the file back to its original location,
  • make sure the UV-map looks right,
  • go to the File menu > External Data > Automatically pack into .blend,
  • move the file again.

It should now work.

And if you want the UV-map to be external again after its moved:

  • File > External Data > Unpack All into Files

Thank You for the Tip. Now it works fine. But i have another problem: When I change the material to a material that is linked, the UV is broken again.

This is the only guess I can make…

If the material wasn’t in use when you packed external data, it wouldn’t have been included. Move your file back to its original folder again, set fake users for every material that isn’t in use, then pack it again.

Does someone knew how the UVmap is connected to the material, the mesh and the texture? Is it possible to use an UVmap at all when the material is linked (not appended) from a different .blend file?

Afaik, UV maps are just properties of the mesh, similar to how the name of the mesh (not the object) is a property. Most typically used to describe a coordinate system for textures to use. An object can refer to a mesh, but can also refer to a light, camera, empty, metaball, armature etc. Some objects can link to materials (and textures?), but not all.

My startup file links in a functions library which also has a bunch of frequently used low-res textures packed into it. If I update the library, I just re-link all the node trees. This works fine for me as long as I sit on one computer at home. If I drag the file to work, I had to “make local all” and “pack all into blend”. Problem with this is that if I link in something again I get duplicates and a very messy file. But it works.

I think I have it fixed now. The connection to the texture file in the material lib was broken.