Uv map disappeared

hi,so im trying to fix a uv map for a car(Shutokou Battle Extreme) after a while of editing i forgot a mesh and join it with the previous meshes and fix the uv position
unfortunately my uv map is gone but if i point my cursor at it and press G to move it,the UV position changes just like how it should be but the problem is how do i make it visible again so its easier to edit?(material is already assigned)

Try Alt H ,in your UV view

it doesnt do anything

Did you actually JOIN the forgotten Mesh to the rest…or just select it to add to the UV?
Just reselect the areas you want to edit then enter edit mode for the UV adjustment.
Especially as it is already UN-wrapped and textured!

Try hovering over the UV window…hit A for all…
Then Hit the HOME key and see if it comes up