UV Map does not unwrap correctly

I have a problem considering UV Mapping.
I have a completely modeled character.
The seams are all placed where i want them to be and everything unwraps just
fine, except the head. It’s not evenly sized and looks totally weird.
But sadly i have no Idea why -.-
I tried to unwrap the head only and funnily that worked as it should.

thanks for all help : )


you have too much stuff unwrapping at once, you need to move some of the stuff and make them smaller to allow the head to “Proportionally” fit
it is sized correctly, the only problem is, its small…thats because there wasnt enough open space on the UV map to fit it

Select all your UV-islands, in the menu go to UVs > Average Islands Scale

I tried both, none of it did work.
If i resize the other stuff and pin it and unwrap everything again, the islands overlap each other, and one side of the head
is still smaller or the lips look weird. If I average the scale it doesnt change the layout itself so its no good.
I’ll try to change my seams and make it all one Island and hope that works.
But thy anyways : )

If you say unwrapping the head on its own works, just do that. Select the heat, Unwrap, Select the rest of the body, unwrap. Select all to see the unwrap in the image editor. Move and scale the islands to the size you want or use average island scale as above, followed by the pack island option in the menu.
If that doesn’t work you really attach your blend file to your post or some other host site with a link (with your low post count you may not be able to add a url but you can with a little imagination). Without access to your model, everyone here is purely guessing what may or may not work with your specific unwrap.

Well that certainly is a idea ^^.
I’ll trie that and attach my model aswell.
don’t bother critizising me because of the mesh.
I’m fully aware that some areas are stretched like Hands and feet
but my main concern really is the face.
So there you go -->Human_UV.blend (838 KB)

What’s the problem now?
Opened your file and the UV looks great
When I unwraped it again it stays fine. I’m not seeing any strange scaling of the head like in your screenshot earlier

You are serious right ?
-.- Well when i unwrap it, either the head is strangely scaled or the lips have some problems
I’ll try another version of blender.
Thy for all the help

I’m using blender 2.56
Here are the UVs when I open your file

And this is after the unwrap, average scale and pack islands

It gets better but it’s not perfect yet.
However it’s enough to work with. because from this point
I can easily correct the layout manually.
THX to all.

i love you…

sorry, random moment…
i have no clue what you guys are doing…can you help me???