UV Map doesn't show up in GIMP

Hello! This is my first post on the website, but I’ve been lurking as an anonymous person for awhile.

Anyway, I used to make UV maps by baking the textures onto the character’s UVs, and then just applied the map to the character.

Recently I’ve started staying away from this, and instead I want to try painting the textures on a character manually with UV unwrapping. I’ve marked my seams, I’ve unwrapped the model, I’ve pinned the UVs, and I’ve uploaded the picture to gimp.

Nothing happens. If I upload it under a black alpha, I get a black picture. If I upload it under a white alpha, white picture. If I upload it using the UV test grid, I get a white page.

Is there some basic step that I’m missing between saving the image and uploading it?

Also… in terms of UV mapping… I don’t really see a clear benefit between doing that to just applying different materials and baking the textures. Is one way more advantageous for character design?

How are you saving the UV layout image. You need to enable the Export UV Layout addon in the File / User Preferences / Addons / Import-Export options. Then in the UV/Image Editor window under the UV menu you’ll have the option to export the layout in way you can use in your image editor

Thanks for the quick response.

I checked it over, but I do have that selected already.

The way that I typically save files is with the “Save As Image” feature.

The whole process that I do is UV Unwrap > Create new image (normally 1024 x 1024) > Save As Image.

Could it be anything else? Perhaps a bad file?

One other thing. If I color on the UV map and export it, then the colors are saved. It’s just not the UV of the model itself that gets saved.

Apologies if this is a re-post.

I checked the settings and it’s all set already so it -should- be working if that’s the only criteria…

A little elaboration:

I just painted a UV in blender, and then I exported that. The only thing that appeared was the painted color. Not sure if that helps, bujt it seems to be saving everything that happens to the actual images aside from the UVs. I don’t know why.

Is it possible that I have a bad version of blender? There has to be some other troubleshooting for this issue.

As I said use the UV export option in the UV menu. Just saving the image as you are doing does not save the layout of your UVs, just a blank texture.