UV map doesn't work

My uvmap doesn’t work at all for me. As you can see I have made a decent unwrap for it and all but it doesn’t work at all if you just press the TexFace button (the mesh just renders out white) so I had to try and load it in the other way and use the UV coordinates as map input but that doesn’t work either (I guess you have to specify which of the UV sets to use but I can’t seem to find the name of my uvset). Here’s a pic:

Select your object, select the Shading tab (F5). Look for where it displays the “Texture, Map Input, Map To” tabs.

It sounds like you’ve set up your own UV Map, but Blender is still set to use the “original undeformed coordinates” (Orco) for your object while rendering (though not while displaying, obviously).

Select the Map Input tab and verify that “Orco” is currently selected. If it is, try selecting “UV”. This will tell Blender to use your UV map that you’ve set up while rendering. Then try rendering again. Voila, hopefully.

Thanks for trying to help. But it didn’t work :frowning: . I think I’m gonna have to let another oF member texture it then. :frowning:

Using Map-To=UV only works if you’ve got the image file loaded in a texture layer of the material – that lets you do funky things like bump maps and specularity maps and such with the different map options. If you just want the image that you’ve assigned to the faces using face select and the UV editor and all, and you just want to use it as a basic color-map textue, then find the TEXFACE button in the materials buttons and turn it on. Basically tells it to replace the DIFFUSE color with the data from the UV editor.

I know that, Star Weaver. I’ve been using Blender for more 2 and a half year so I ought to know that. If I press the texface button then the render gives me a blank dock without any texture or anything EVEN though I’ve loaded the texture in both the image and UV window (or whatever it’s called) and the texture panel.