UV map export with ZERO distortion

Hi; let’s say I have an object which is just a single strip of quads (maybe with some tris thrown in). If I unwrap it, will the exportable UV map be guaranteed to have no distortion? I’m interested in generating real world 3D models based on Blender objects. I know there’s a paper unfold export script out there but it’s not right for my needs. I just need the above question answered and I’m good to go. I guess it’s a question for the coders out there… anybody know?

Thanks in advance

if you mean a strip that is flat, the project from view option will do it.

if the triangles on your mesh keep the same form, then yes!

The strip is NOT flat. Here are screenshots of a simple example, a strip from a low poly UV sphere. Is the UV map an undistorted, flattened version of the curved object? I chose simple “Unwrap”

Thanks again

the uvmap looks ok… as the top and bottom face seem to have the right proportions.
i don’t know if the unwrapping options can be so precise, but some of them will try to keep your faces with the corrected shape.

Thanks, but I need to know for certain.

Thank you for trying.