UV Map From Window

Hi! I have a problem when I’m trying to U/V Map an image to my model.
I modelled a tomato, it looks much like a tomato but I have to texture it so I have this picture:
What I need to do is to U/V map this picture in my tomato I’m using the U/V image editor and I map it with U-From Window, this brings to the window all the tomato vertices, but how does this work? because all this vertices i see in the image are a 3D tomato and I have to map them in the 2D image of the tomato picture so I don’t know where to put each vertex, and I have quite a lot of faces. How can this be done???

:-? Umm, it’s near impossible to map a 3D tomatoe with the 2D texture you have. You see if you UV map “from window” your 3D tomatoe would most likely have a stem opening on both sides. What I suggest you do is have a UV map that has the texture for the stem opening, and a red color for the tomatoe. You could then just use lights in blender to get the desired lighting effects in blender. If not you could always just unwrap the tomatoe using LSCM and paint on your own lighting onto the red skin of the tomatoe.

Hmm, wonder why this is in the game engine section?

Jason Lin