UV map grid

OK, so this is the first time I’m organizing the faces on the UV map, however I’m not seeing a snap to grid feature, (i see a snap to pixels, but that dos,t work with me.) so what do i need to do in order to snap to the grid? (i do not have an image on the UV map, so it just looks like a grid which is fine by me, since I’m going to export the vertices)

Sorry I can’t help much, as I also find the UV editor a pain to use. Whenever I unwrap anything (trying all the different projections), and with seams carefully placed where necessary, unwrapping always seems to produce a straggly mess of wobbly lines of vertices that should be aligned but aren’t. So I end up spending ages selecting individual lines of vertices, then using S, X, 0 or S, Y, 0 to line them up, then G to move them to the correct place. But then even typing something like G, X, 1 seems to move the verts 1 arbitrary unit, and not even a grid unit.

2.56, there is a snap to increment, but zooming in doesnt change the snap scale with the grid (like 3d view vertice snap) so, dunno.