UV map in blender problem please help!

I was trying to UV map a head in blender and the problem is that it should show my image in the little window and then it should show the polys that i have selected on top of the image. But my problem is no madder how much polys i select it always stays the same here look at this screenshot to see my problem

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when faces are selected…push U-key to select from a menu…

maybe try “Bounds to 1/1”

Once you have selected the faces, put the cursor in the 3d window and press “u”. A menu will pop up – select “from window” or another option if you wish. This will map your selected faces to the uv window. Don’t be discouraged when these mapped faces disappear from the uv window when you select different faces in the 3d window – they are still there and will reappear when you select all the faces.

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Hope this helps

do my UV mapping tutorials

that is the default uv mapping there

if you run the current version of blender, and in the view menu on the image window header choose draw faces you would be able to tell that you are selecting more faces whose uv’s overlap because the triangle there would become more and more blue [or whatever the default face color you set up is, which would probably be the default: blue, or purple if they are selected]

press U [in face select mode, like in that screen], and choose from window to uv map them from how they look in the window. now they will show up not all on top of each other in the image window

Ok, I’ve been working on my raptor, and I feel like an idiot (happens from time to time with Blender) but when I look at my raptor in face mode, some of my faces are pointed the wrong way, so they are invisible from the side I want to see them. So how do I flip em? I used to know. %|

NM, I was doing it right, but for some reason it wasn’t updating the faces. I flipped the normals so they were pointing the right way, I saw them with draw normals on, then went back to face mode, and still invisible. So I restarted Blender and they were correct. I’m using the new Tuhapu build or whatever, I wonder if this is a bug?