UV-map in same size of the object (25 cm height)


  • I have a simple figure (a cone)
  • I put the dimensions in metric system (cm)
  • the reason that I use metric system (cm) is that I want create this cone in paper (print it and cut all the pieces out (via UVmapping) with scissors and put them together with tape) … I’m a teacher and it is for educational purposes.
  • cone: height (Z-axis): 25 cm

So, something like that:

Now: in the UV-mapping I want to keep the size of my cone (25 cm height). But it seems that the UV-map-size is always 1024 x 1024 px !
So, Is there a way to put the UV-map in cm and automatically resize it to the size of my cone?
I want to export the uv-map and import/edit the .pngfile in Inkscape, gimp,… with the exact size of my cone (so 25 cm height) (without rescaling it in Inkscape,gimp,…)

Hopefully you understand my problem.

I appreciate any help (I’m searching already for a long time to solve this)


As you may or may not know, print size is determined by output device’s resolution (specified in DPI). Blender’s UV/Image editor has no notion of DPI, and as such, cannot represent any physical image dimensions. Your best option is to export your UV layout as svg, and then scale in Inkscape accordingly (to avoid any blurring you might get if using raster program such as Gimp).