UV Map Isn't Matching With My Texture!


I sculpted a 3D model in Nomad, which I then painted in Procreate, retropologized in Instant Meshes and finally imported into Blender. The issue I have is this big one, the UV map doesn’t match with the texture I painted in Procreate when I had the model imported there, especially since Procreate tells me I cannot import models with missing UVs (which is what happened when I tried importing the retropologized model) and I cannot find a way to fix this which I fear is going to be impossible, so it would mean a lot if any of you have a solution.

Thanks in advance!

if you’ve retopologized, the UV doesn’t work anymore. What you can do though, if you’ve kept a copy of the high-poly version, is baking the Diffuse to the low-poly version (of course you need to unwrap your low-poly first)

Well, I did unwrap the low poly one and it’s the one which didn’t match the texture, while the unwrapped UV of the high poly one does, so am I going to end up having to sacrifice one of the models and textures?

Yes it doesn’t match but now what you need to do is bake the high-poly Diffuse onto the low-poly, it will give you a new image texture that will work with your low-poly

So far the process is very confusing to me (I still consider myself a beginner) as I’m following this tutorial, the part I fear when making the model low poly is how detail is lost and it looks kind of blocky, which makes me wonder how others can animate these really well detailed models.

you need to make your low-poly as low-poly as possible and for all the small 3D details (bumps, folds, etc), you need to bake the normals, which is another baking operation, you’ll find plenty of tutorials on how to bake diffuse and normals. Also make sure that your low-poly has a good topology, particularly if you plan to animate

Sorry for the late reply but that definitely did help! I also found easier solutions such as retropologizing the model within the 3D modelling software before painting it. Thanks!

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nice then :wink: