UV map - joining meshes

Hi, I’ m in trouble with blender. I’m texturing my object with UV maping, but I wanted to do several different textures for one mesh, so I separate it to several parts.
But now I have mashes with UV textures and meshes with ordinary texures, that is OK but problem is that I have to join this meshes to one finally mesh, and if I do that textures in finally meshe will be horrible. I already pleyed with outliner, but I don’t know if this is a solution…can you help me please ?
Or can you give me an advice how to join two meshes with UV textures without mistake ? Thank’s

I am interested in this topic as well. Especially from the point of view of a simple python example code to join meshes with different UV textures.


I would suggest making a full copy of the file, and see what happens when you join the meshes together - in theory, I think the mesh details are preserved as material groups, and each object will become a mesh group inside the new object with individual materials and uv settings for each. Report back if stuff still goes wrong.

ok I just try it, it sometimes make problems and sometimes not, I just checked names of objects, names of materials, and all names are different and also materials. I really don’t know what happening because sometimes if I join mesh with another mesh everithing is allright and sometimes one of these meshes change its texture…I have really bad apprehension, that I should texturing from begin and without separating vertexing

mow I’m trying to do something with outliner, and result is that I can repare this mistake, in outliner, if I want to join some two meshes One of metrials of them go wrong but if I change material in Links and Pipeline of joined mesh if works !!!
but other problem is that if I change this settings and if I join next mesh with this It will go wrong again, and texture of some of joined meshes will change to texture of another mesh…


Are you using just images attached to your UVs directly via not the material settings? I mean, you said that procedural textures were working right and UV maps weren’t? If that’s the case, you could probably just put your UV map textures in the same place as your procedurals using these settings.


it already works! :slight_smile: thank’s everyone for help
problem was in Editting - Links and Material, there I had many materials to one mesh, I deleted some materials, and then I used materials of new mesh…
I’m thinking of making a tutorial for this problem, I was handling it for tree days.

Problem is : if you can join two meshes, and everything is ok, I mean, names, settings of textures, files where are textures and etc., and it still go wrong, problem maybe is that:
in panel Editting (F9) part Links and Materials you have two main settings : Vertex Group and seting for change materials, editting new and delete old…this setting is very important if you joinning two meshes with or without UV texure…why … :
If you joinig two meshes, material of first mesh will disappear, and to material of second mesh, which is exactly unitedly mesh now, will be material of first mesh, but if you have already 16 materials on one mesh(what you can see in Editting - Links and materials) you can’t create new material so texture on this mesh goes wrong…
this was my problem…I handle it by deleting old useless materials and then after joinning meshes in unitedly mesh I assing vertexes to new material where I load my texture again and it works then…
so you just must be careful how many you have separate parts of final mesh…
I apologize but my English is’nt wery good, but if you don’t understand go in blender to outliner, where are all relationships between meshes, their materials and texutres and between all parts of scene…it can help;)