UV Map merging - suggestions?

I have unwrapped various parts of a model and spread the faces amongst several UV Maps.

Problem is I can only export an .OBJ with one UV Map. I know you can export more than one material but that is not use for my predicament.

Is there a way to merge all my UV Textures into one keeping their co-ords. I.e I don’t want to unwrap again and have the faces share one texture. I need them to occupy the same space they did but on one texture (that will mean they will overlap but thats OK)

My plan is to import the model and its one UV Map into my external app and highlight certain faces and change the paths to point to the relevant image.

I did a little experiment in my external app and it works OK however, it means I will have to unwrap, size, adjust all my other UV maps again!

It would be so much easier if I could merge them keeping their position. The textures would look horrific in blenders preview but should look OK once fixed in my external app and finally in- game.

To explain in al ittel more detail ere is a breif overlook of what I want to do;

I have a model of a house>

I have the front wall and left side wall on one UV map.

I have the back wall and right side wall on another UV map

I can only export in .OBJ format wioth one UV map.

I want to merge both my UV maps so the points occupy exactly the same place on ONE UV map as they did before.

They will overlap and look messy in blender but, in my external app I will :

Highlight the front and left side walls and change the texture path to point to the front and right side texture.

Highlight the back and left walls and change the texture path to point to the back and left wall texture.

(hope that makes sense)

Can this be done?

Looks like ‘baking’ the textures into a single image will do the trick.

Refer to this thread:


Thanks tuttut89,

I am very new to this game, I have seen baking mentioned so many times in these forums but I really didn’t know what it was.

Guess I will have to learn what it is to fix my problem :slight_smile:

thanks again for the link, very helpfull