UV map not showing in yafray render

Sorry to bother everyone here, but I have a problem … I’ve looked in knowledge base etc and on this forum but not seen anything related, so I think I’m just missing something.

Basically I am unwrapping a model using Blenders unwrapping tools, making my image and applying it no problem. When I render in the Blender Internal renderer the texture shows up fine on the model, but when I switch to Yafray rendering it doesn’t show up on the model.

I have set my materials to TexFace before rendering and just don’t know why it doesn’t work - can anyone help me? :frowning:

BTW Normal maps etc all work fine with the Yafray render and so do procedurals as far as I can tell. I also have Yafray installed too. :frowning:

Is the imagemap being applied in a format supported by yafray? (currently only jpg and tga).

thanks for your reply, yes I’m using a jpg. I could try a TGA I suppose …

No, if you’re using a jpg it should work, it must be some other problem.

Would it matter where the jpgs are located? For example would I need to have them in the same directory as the .blend file? At the moment they are in a textures folder? I don’t see why this would work because the Blender Internal render works fine as it is.

If you have this working can you explain your process for mapping and then rendering to Yafray, maybe that will spark something that I’ve missed?

Load your UV texture into an ordinary image texture channel, select UV instead of ORCO and turn off ‘Texface’.

Wiggie you are a genius! I owe you a pint! I just assumed it would work the same way the blender render did, but as you say I had to load it into a texture>image channel and change the ‘map in’ to UV - voila!

Excellent stuff, thanks for your help … WOO HOO! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s no fun seeing these TexFace uv questions coming up again and again, I have asked several times if anyone is willing to post a blendfile with an example that TexFace doesn’t work. But nobody ever did, except for one person and it turned out he/she actually used 2.35 instead of 2.36.
So, anyone who has this problem, if at all possible, I’d really like to see an example of this, as I have said many times before, everything works for me, TexFace or image assigned.
This the last oppurtunity to solve this for the next release… There probably won’t be any yafray updates after this for a very long time (blender included)…