UV map of ambient oclussion: great problems.

Hello, Blender Community:

I have a great problem when I make a bake ambient oclussion in my smart UV map.
Is a complex model triangulated and these are the ressults…


I hope you can help me in my desperation:evilgrin:


First thing is to check your face normals are all pointing correctly and removal of any double vertices.

I know how to revome doubles, but how can I see the faces orientation? Thanks.

‘N’ tab while in edit mode, Mesh Display, Normals: Face

It could also be a problem with the UV map, since you are using the smart uv unwrapper, try applying scale to the object then re unwrap again, this time add increase the island margin to 0.01 or 0.02.

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for the advices :smiley: Removing doubles and reversing faces was the solution but, also, change the value of Angle limit when you makes a smart uwnrap to 1.

Kind regards