UV Map Painting Woes-p.2

Perhaps I boobooed when I made this thread. Now I can try to correct my woes.

The following views are of a model for an extremely low poly game.

I need the body to be as versatile as possible without too many polies.

If you have any tips and tricks I would appreciate it.

Right now it clocks in at 560 faces. No head yet. And no feet. If you look further down at the concept idea, the style has no feet, just flat bottoms. Which will give animating the model a twist. (But, HAHA!1! I don’t have to worry about that.)


The hand (oppisite to prior experiance) gave me almost no trouble at all.

Now that promised concept:

I’m looking for ideas, thoughts, concerns, faults, insults(no not really…)

You get the idea.

Thanks for your time.

Update Number one:

The Knite is finished being modeled. I have no idea how he will react to animation as I have absolutley nill experience in the field. (I will be looking into it later.)

Heres the finished product.


And Wire frame:

On to the Generic Gaurd!!

Just a couple of quickies:
First off, where are his feet?

Second, games typically do smoothing thing so you may want to hit SetSmooth.

Other than that, I think it’s a great low-poly model! I love the over-sized helmet. You should have lots of fun animating it, rigging will be the tough part.
I’d love to see it UV mapped too.

read my mind there radrevere, just cause it’s low ploy doesn’t mean you can’t smooth that guy out a bit. Would really help the feel of the character. Are you planning to do other characters with this one?

The answer to that last question is yes! I just finished number two. The one you will se most of in the game. The Generic Gaurd.


The most prominent thing you will notice is the body is the same. I will be depending on slight modifications to the body plus UV maps to set them apart.

And heres the set smooth version of the Knite… I liked it the other way better though.

radrevere: the feet thing: Its a matter of style. And it makes my life easier (or harder, depends) when I rig…

I’m surprised how quikly I managed to get the second model finished. A this rate I should be finished with all the basic char models in about three hours.


Quickness and Quality do not always go hand in hand, you may want to reconsider finishing them all up in a couple of hours. The reason your smooth version is not as “nice” is that there are some major issues with y our mesh work. I would suggest taking the time to make it look better with “setsmooth” set on it before calling it done. It will only be the the benefit of your games look! I still don’t get why you are not modeling the feet, how will feet effect your rigging any more or less then hands or head? ATM they (knight & Gen. Guard) both look like lego warriors. Keep at it though, they are almost there!!

I would agree with that, khnum, that quality and quickness do go in hand… And yes, that visor was giving me fits. I’ve been looking into it. I thought that I might just have a flat visor with the holes UVed on, but I dont know how well it would work. For now, I’m doing general sketches of all the most basic units seen in the game. Then I will go back after my mind is done screaming at me and “make them better.” I will keep what you have said in mind.

And again… The feet thing:

One-Its my preferred style. I don’t know why, but the feet I do suck.

Two-It will require one or two bones for the foot instead of four or five.

Think of stomping motions for the walk cycle, instead of sliding; like huge stomping motions.

Heres the Castle Gaurd.
Concept Drawing:

And render:

And I would agree with the lego figure thing. Trust me when I say this:

When you are running around dismembering your enemies with duel katanas I don’t think you will notice the resemblance. But I will work on the appearance. Low poly count leaves out a number of options: but the loop cut and knife buttons are really useful.

Thanks for all so far.

PS-Be back in a couple of minutes with the next one.

And… As promised: The next model. I must say I am getting better at this as I go…(As in: Its easier to do :wink: ) Does that happen much?

The Royal Gaurd:

And the Concept Drawing:

Coming up next: Wizard or Executioner?

Find out on the next issue of: “Ultra quick modeling and bad results!!”

Final update for this evening. Wizard it is. The cloak needs to be finished and then he needs a beard. More tomarrow!



Thanks y’all! Be back tomarrow with the Executioner and WEAPONS…


I think your normals may be messed up. Make sure you have double sided clicked off, set solid, and see what polygons are black. Select the black polygons and hit “w” and select reverse normals. Yes this is tedious, but I forgot how to do the quick simple way, but this is still more accurate. Than set smooth again. And it should look much better.

I agree with womball on the normal thing. You may also have extra vertices causing those nasty artifacts. You can set all the normals at once by selecting all the vertices in Edit Mode, hit the space-bar and select “Edit->Normals->ReCalculate Outside” (or hit CTRL-N). This is far less tedious than how womball suggested.

I highly recommend you take the extra time to clean up the models. Fix the normals, remove duplicate vertices, and make sure the mesh is totally connected and clean. A game engine (including Blenders’) will render the model with smoothing on so any bad artifacts will show up. You will also have a far easier time UV mapping them with it fixed.

Remember that textures and bumb-mapping (normal mapping in Blender terms) can make a low poly model look like a high poly model. With the visor you may be better off with a UV map and a good bump map.

Keep it up! Things are looking much better with the newer models!

The nasty arftifacts you mentioned are the ones seen on the faveplate and hands?

If so, I have already set the normals; SOP before any render I do. So the artifacts are due to bad modeling. When the wizard is finished I will be going back through and highlighting my main problem points that y’all have pointed out and trying to fix them. That in itself might take a while.


And heres the wizard with new and improve hands… Remember kids: Loop Cut (CTRL-K) is your friend!!!


I will begin updating each of the models. Odds have It, now that I’ve done them all once, I will probably go back and remodle the bodies from scratch.


I have decided that I will go with the simplest form of modeling: no holes. Bump maps are my friend.

Here are all the models in their finished states. Except for the hands, which I will be tweaking continually until I get them right.

On to the monsters… Not many of those, unfortunately. But I do have an ogre. A funny looking ogre. He pretty much defines the style of modeling: Somewhat humorous with a twist.

And that is that.

Ba back with more updates tomarrow!! I need input on the completed models above, and a good jolt of ability when it comes to UV mapping.


Wow. At first I didn’t like the style that much, with no feet and all, but seeing all the characters in one group made me change my mind. They’re really cute. :wink: The lighting in the render is a little dark, and if you’re using the game engine, then they’re never going to be rendered like that. But they look good to me. Well, that’s my input on the models.


And hey… I just finished the ogre. I had an extra head lying around from a high poly project, but I think it looks good. Especially with the eyes on there. Thankyou, whoever came up with the Pixar eye tutorial.


And yeah… Its a little hectic in the hands, I still have to clean up the mesh a little. Heres the wire for critiques.


And if you’re wondering, he walks on his hands kind of like a chimp with no legs.


I fixed the ogres head for hose of you who found the descrepency between the drawing and the model.


I also finished drawing up the ghost and zombie, so you’ll see them soon as well.

In order to flesh out my cast of characters I have to draw up a king and some advisors along with the kings daughter. And them some villagers. Just to make life interesting.

I will be posting the general concept of the game a little later so that those of you interested can help me develop gameplay to its fullest potential.


your sick man trully sick looks like it will be a fun game to play keep it up lol

What do you mean by sick, mathew_von?

Was it something I said?

This is the general idea of the game, and like the models it is incomplete. But its the general overview of what the game is all about and how it is played etc. etc.

Think of ‘Legend of Zelda’ for n64, mixed with Splinter-Cell, Madness Interactive, Morrowind, and Metal Gear Solid II.

Now before you think of all the possibilities or yell “WTF?!!” This is what I’m doing:

-Zelda: Style of Gameplay; i.e, 3rd person
-Splinter Cell: Case sensitive moves; i.e, hang from a pipe and break the guys neck
-Madness Interactive: Completely delimbable characters.
-Morrowind: Expansive and somewhat detailed
-MGS II: Team Based AI + the (! ? … zzz) reactions appearing obove their heads.

The story line is pretty set: And I gaurantee it is unique.

You are an alien that has crash landed on this strange planet. In the process of crashing he accidentally kills a knight. Thus the first decision to be made.

As you go through the game the overarching story is one of war (typical). One kingdom is attacking another, and your actions, while seemingly insignificant, can turn the tide to either side.

Specials will include: Not a rideable dragon, but a mutilysk. Airstrikes from the orbiting automated destroyer. And if your feeling gutsy enough: The award for killing every living thing in the game.

I hope this gives y’all ideas! I’m always open for new ideas as long as they are somewhat sane. But then this whole idea just presented is somewhat insane: So bring 'em on!!!