UV Map Problem

Hi Everybody,
Im working on a model of a pistol and am in the process of mapping it however when i go into the Face select mode some of the faces are missing! :o Im pretty sure they’re there but you can see right through the space in select mode. Anybody know whats going on?

NEVERMIND I just checked and for some reason i can select the space but can see right through it. hmmm

EDIT: For some reason, when i go into object mode with draw type as textures, the faces are see through where they are in the face select mode. :-?

Go into edit mode and either recalculate normals for the entire model or just flip the normals for the few faces that have normals facing the opposite direction. I forget the shortcuts right now as I am not at a computer with Blender, but I think they are under the Edit>Normals popup menu.


Thanks a lot. I know i’ll use this in the future :smiley: