UV Map Question - BGE

Hi All,
I’m trying to figure out the proper order of steps to duplicate a mesh object which is UV Mapped with an image texture, keeping the UV mapping for the duplicate object, but changing the image for the new object.

e.g. A cube with an image UV mapped onto 3 sides., now I want to duplicate the cube, and retain the UV Map, but use a different image for the new cube.
Every time I try, the images seem to be linked - when I go to change the image on cube 2, the image for cube 1 follows it. I thought I had successfully de-linked materials and textures for the 2nd cube, and everything appears to be “single-user”, but no success.

What is the proper order of steps to duplicate the cube, keep the UV Mapping, and then assign a different image for the 2nd cube’s texture?



make a new material, not a duplicate of the existing material.

When you make a new material it duplicates the last material you made, so the texture block is the same.

Press the “X” and make an entire new material, or press the “x” in the texture panel to remove the texture block from that material.


Duplicate object, delete material block from new object, Make new material with new texture block.