UV map question

Hello everyone, I’m learning blender by reading “Introducing character animation with blender” by Tony Mullen

I’m in chapter 3 and I’ve gotten to the second time UV maps are used. (This time to make a transparency map for the eye lashes) The book says to get the UV maps the same way you got it earlier in the chapter to texture the head.

So I selected the faces that will become the eye lashes, and went into UV face select mode. But the belt (A part of the mesh that isn’t actually connected to the mesh) was selected instead. Undaunted, I just went ahead and selected the correct faces.

I then changed the other 3D view window to a UV/image editor. And saw the image I used for the face there, a little perplexed, I hit the X by the image name to make it go away, and did a quick render to make sure I hadn’t ruined my face. It looked fine, so I unwrapped it and saved the UV face layout.

But the image that was exported showed the UV map for the head and the UV map for the eyelashes on top of each other!

It seems to me I missed something.

If someone would be so kind as to inform me of what I did wrong, and how to fix it, I would be ever so grateful.
Also if anyone could give me some advice on keeping track of my UV map datablocks, that would be much appreciated

hmm…quite a pickle you have there, Captain Blender!

So, there can be multiple UV Textures, right, and are you using 2.45 or 2.46RC? 2.46 works VERY differently. Your belt is one texture, your eyelashes another.

Tab into edit mode.
Select the eyebrow faces.
click New in the UVTex, go into UV/Fface select mode
Load new image,
Texture paint your eyebrows.
Save image

I think I have version 2.45 because I have what came with the book

I’m sorry, I cannot find the new in the Uvtex to click, I may be looking at the wrong thing. To clarify: What is the UVtex? Is it a window, a tab, an applet? Where can I find it?

Press F9 for the Editing panel, On the Mesh Tab, click new next to UV Texture.

It’s not there. I have ver 2.42a That’s probably why. I’m downloading 2.45, seeing if that helps

Ok, that resolved that problem, but now I have a new one.

In the example given in the book for the transparency map; the lines look rather scribbled in, so that’s what I did. But when rendered it. the eyelashes where all loopy, and very much not like eyelashes. So I simply redrew the transparency map with more care and reloaded it by clicking the reload button in the image tab under Texture buttons (F6).

Now the strange thing is that the UV Face select window shows the proper transparency. But when I render it by hitting F12 it still shows the old transparency map.

The idea occurred to me, that the loopy shapes might be an optical illusion. (you, know when you have two sets of bars on top to each other and you rum by you get loopy shapes in the bars) So I changed the transparency drastically a few times and reloaded it to see how the render changed. The only correlation I found between the maps and the render was the more black I but in the map the bolder the loopy patterns became.

At this point I figured there was a problem with the Material it’s self. So I started messing with random values to see what they did. Eventually I discovered that since there are multiple Uvmaps on the object, you need to name the UV maps and denote witch Uvmap to use in the map input tab.

Thank you for your advice PapaSmurf and DichotomyMat, It was immensely helpful.