UV map to a mesh?

First post to the forum. Searched through 3 pages of simmilar topics and no one seemed to have the same question, though i am really bad at searching.
Also not sure if i’m posting this in the proper forum.
I don’t know much about blender.
But i know enough to do what i need to do.

Problem is I was working on a plane and baked the UV map and saved it.
after that blender crashed but the UV map is safe.
I was wondering if i could apply that UV map to a plane and save my work. Thanks
If it helps the object I’m making are for second life and I’m also rendering all the UV maps with a python script.
Thanks for the help

I was wondering if i could apply that UV map to a plane and save my work.

The terminology you’re using is a little strange, but if you’re asking if you can use a UV mapped texture from one plane on another plane, then yes. However, in order to UV map it to the new plane you will need to UV unwrap the plane. If the two objects have different geometry, then the mapping will be different and this won’t work. However, if you’re talking about 2 identical planes, the mapping should be the same.

Let me step back and say that if you’re actually working with a plane there is no need to UV unwrap anyway. UV unwrapping is for complex 3D objects. Simple objects and definitely 2D objects can be textured with simpler, non UV mapping techniques.


This doesnt seem to help me with my problem.
Heres what i have, I want to turn it back into its original mesh before i baked the UV texture


You don’t turn a mesh into a texture or turn a texture into a mesh.

A mesh is a mesh. A texture is a texture. A “mapping” is a relationship between a texture and a mesh.

If you want to apply the normal map texture you have to a mesh, you can do that very easily, but you have to create a new mesh on which to map it.

Open Blender. Delete the cube. Make a plane. Go into edit mode. Open a UV/Texture window. In the Image menu, select “Open” and find the texture you have (the image you posted) on your disk. This should map the texture to the plane.

glad to see you got this one under control, Tony. :slight_smile:

Hey PapaSmurf, it’s his first post!
Jig_itku - there is no way to save a UV map if you didnt’t succeed to save the blend file. UV map is a 2D representation of a 3D object. You saved a texture. The texture cannot tell Blender how the model is UV mapped. So your work is lost except the UV mapping process you applied is repeatable.
There is also another option. It is possible Blender to have saved the file before the crash (if you enabled the auto save option in User preferences window). Look for “autosave” folder or in “tmp” folder for randomly numbered blend files. One of them could be your lost project :wink:
Read more about UV mapping here: