uv map to face


    sometimes I would have a piece of small UV island and I would have no clue where that came from and would take me a while to find out,  is there an easy to click on the uv and find out the faces corresponding to it directly?

i guess nobody knows how to do it, so i founded a way to do it, you can select the uv you need to find, drag that away and hide the rest of the uv, now you only have the uv you are looking for selected, you can just press period in the 3d screen to find it

Actually, if you click ‘L’, you can select vertices linked to the vert selected, so the corresponding faces would highlight in the 3d view.

well the easiet way I have found is to choose face select in the uv editor window, click the weird one, and that will highlight it in the uvface select window…

Hi Julius

Aha very useful tip thanks, I have been struggling with the same issue.Your idea solved it for me, I did it slightly differently, didnt bother dragging anything, just did Shift H to hide all other uv faces, then in 3d view window hit period key to find rogue face.

Regards Geoff