UV map transparency?

ive been using blender to make all my 3d models for a long time now. But recently i’ve been trying to create a 2d grass model for a billboard. The way i thought i could do this was by applying the grass as PNG with an Alpha channel onto the UV map of a 2d plane. Sadly the transparency doesnt carry over to blender. Is there some option on Blender that I’m missing? If not, is there any other way I could create billboards for my game? :confused:

This Settings are on the TexfacePanel in the EditButtons and you’ve to be in EditMode.
Select the Faces you want to change and apply the
Opaque - Add - Alpha - Clip Alpha
Setting as you wish.


thanks! this solved the problem. ive never used any of the texface options before, im glad you pointed them out :slight_smile:

wiki updated http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Reference/Panels/Editing/Texture_Face