UV Map two sided object

The basic question is, how can I use UV texture mappping to color an object where you can see both the outside and the inside. And the inside is totally different color than the outside?

In my case I’m trying to do a seashell, and the inside would have more than just a different color, its texture and reflectivity would be different as well.

This is still a very preliminary render, but I’m thinking this type of technique would be usable in many modelling situations.


Oh, and if there is a better way than trying to UV map the texture, I’m open to suggestions.

you will have to have multiple faces, as in faces for the inside and out because blender can’t assign multiple materials or textures to a single face

Too simple, Thanks!

edit>> But, why do we have the button “Double Sided” in the “editing (F9)” -> “Mesh” tab?

it needs thickness. the “double-sided” button, i think, makes the backfaces show up in a render but you can’t texture them seperately. it’s like a piece of glass with paint on one side, you’ll see it on the other side. now, before you say “but i could paint on the other side of the glass!” remember that the glass has thickness, so it’s not just front and back, but also sides. select all your inside polys and extrude them just a bit and you’ll be able to texture the inner faces separately but you’ll need to also texture the edge polys as well so they don’t show up grey in the render.