UV map unwrap and rendering problems

Hello, I’m a beginner using blender and am working my way through the Wiki tutorials atm. When I execute the UV Map Basics tutorial I encounter 2 problems.

  1. I made an ‘equatorial’ seam on a sphere but when I unwrap it I don’t get 2 UV ‘islands’. Two edges of the islands that should be seperated are still conected to each other. (I don’t get a LSCM option as shown in the tutorial when I want to unwrap - Blender 2.45)
  2. I’ve loaded an image in the UV/Image Editor, I set Draw Type to Textured, I make a new material and turn on TexFace. I set map input with the UV and Flat buttons enabled but when I render I get a black object, it doesn’t show the image.
    Anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong here? Thank you.


  1. You probably didn`t marked all edges as seam, or used another method for calculation. In current version, it is called unwrap.

  2. There is also a text field in that panel, called " UV:" you must type there “UVTex” because this identifies the UV map channel you want to use, as there can be more than one.


thx for responding :slight_smile:

  1. I think my seam is ok. I’ve tried all settings in the UV calculation panel still the parts stick together on one edge. I found out that this only happens with the icosphere, the other (basic) meshes I unwrap in the same manner do have seperated parts.
  2. That did it yes :slight_smile:

The problem isnt caused by duplicate edge, if you placed new mesh. Try to mouse over some vertex in UV editor and press L. This should select only linked vertices, so if some share the same location but arent connected, only one will be selected.

When I hoover my mouse above one of the connected parts and press L all vertices get selected, both parts as they are still connected…
(I started with a new mesh yes)

I tried to unwrap icosphere, it worked. So there still can be one edge you left out.

Ok, thx for your help Myn :slight_smile: