UV Map with Duplicate Objects

Hey everyone,
Recently took on a skinning project with models that I didn’t create. One of them is a ferris wheel. My question is this: is there a way to duplicate the UV map for one of the repeating parts (the ride car) for every part? In other words, is it possible to copy the seams in some way? Please consider every part is already in place and programmed so I can’t recreate things. Thank you.

This I also need some help with. I have a ship engine that I have split into identical parts. Was wondering if there is a tool to make islands share uv co ords without placing them manually. Help?

The easiest way is to separate the duplicates out to another object. Then unwrap and lay out all the remaining pieces.

Once the texture/uv is ok, copy the uv’ed part (original) and replace all the non uv’ed objects. All the copys automatically use the same uv texture coordinates.

If you are going to bake ambient occulsion into the map, just check if any of the dulipicate pieces need to have their own piece of map. To do that, just do a smart unwrap and then ambient occlusion. Don’t go to any effort for the smart unwrap as you will throw it away after you have done the check.

@JLightning_Wolf - If the model is simple you would have to overlay all the copy pieces over each other. Is the textured model going to be used in Blender or somewhere else?

But they are not objects, just parts of a modified cylinder. Like what you would get out of using spin dup or something, and all the pieces have the proper seams set, they are one object. Are you really saying there is no way to automatically join identical islands?

Sorry I forgot about the UV Copy from active script. Under the Scripts > object

Save the duplicated bits as objects - run the script and then join back again.