UV maping -can't use it

any suggestion to enable UV? I’m begginer and yet hobyist.

Not sure what you want to do here exactly, but if you want to learn how to texture, or texture paint, go to Blender Cookie, Blender Nation, or any one of the other numerous sites, including You Tube, and you can find just about any subject matter you need to learn.

yea i tried create sphere and add spheric map—but it didn’t work

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  • Make sure the image editor is empty (click the x near the title if you already have an image in there).
  • Select entire sphere (the ‘a’ key should toggle it)
  • Hit the U key to unwrap, and choose sphere projection
  • With the UV’s visible load an image into the image editor. Then if you switch the 3D view to textured view you should see it.

Here is a tutorial on UV Unwrapping: