UV maping help


I am trying to UV map a wall in a scene. I go into the uv select mode an select all the faces that I want. Note that all of the faces are squares. I created a texture in photoshop in the same aspect ratio of the wall 4:9. When I uv unwrap the wall I get the following:


My question is… it it possible to UV unwrap so it fills the whole texture instead of what it is doing above without having to manually move the points?

Thank you!


You could just move them once then pin them…

Yes… but if you need to uv texture lots of walls this could be very time consuming… besides it might not look good free hand.

just press “project from view (bounds)”

a->s->x (move mouse)->click.

To help you you can select the option to limit transformation to image bounds, that way you can’t scale, rotate, or move it out of the part of the window with the image. For ultra preciseness there’s an option to snap to the image’s pixels.

Thanks guys!