UV maping problem

when i try to UV map my mesh I get this wierd effect of transparency as I move my point of view in the scene and when i try to render it I only get a my obejct as if my draw type was in solid while its in texured so if anyone could help me figure why it doesn’t work properly I will be very happpy >_<’


To be honest, I’m guessing a little here. In the Material panel, have you clicked on “TexFace”?


yay it does work for the render but I still get this weir effect of transparency while i navigate trougth my scene…but thank you very much <_<"

okay yeah… i know whats happening but i dont know why it does that. it has somthing to do with object’s faces or somthing.
its kinda like this,… if you cut a uvsphere in half and go to texture mode you can see the outside but not the inside because thats how the face is oriented or something…:confused:
i think there is a couple of face orintation buttons floating around somewhere in the blender world…somewhere…
okay so im not much help! but if you can find those orintation buttons and mess with them a little you might be able to fix your problem. i think one of the buttons say “double sided” i think.

well I have located this double sided thing but it doesn’t seems to work either…but I think this face orientation has something to do with it but problem is really when i change my drawing type to texured that transparency is really anoying what will I do when I will come to a way more complicated scene!!! >_<"anyway thanks to have tried !

Everyone gets that transparency effect, it lets you know which direction your normals are facing.