UV maping tutorial?

Ok so i’ve been trying to uv map this witchdoctor:


So far i’ve tried every type of uv projection i can find, and have yet to yeald any useful resulsts. What i’m trying to do is get a good linked layout so i can paint the model by hand, but it ends up giving weird issues and overlaping segments. other segments become too small to be able to paind any detail. If anyone has any tips or advisse on how to properly uvmap, please let me know. thanks!

you pretty much always have to UV by hand- projections are just for a starting point, then you have to move and scale stuff until the problems are gone.

if you do a “proper” seams work, the “unwrap” function will give a quite good layout!
Here’s an old tut, maybe useful:

Otto’s Tutorials good it’s how I learnt before hitting a brick wall in terms of texturing complicated UV maps, but yeh seams are the only good way to go once models get complicated.

The best technique for photorealistic texture painting of humans is camera mapping. I’m sure you could use it for non-real characters too, but paint instead of texturing with photographs. Basically it involves rendering your character (from several different angles) and painting onto the rendered image, so it’s a bit like painting directly onto the character instead of onto UV maps. Ben Dansie’s excellent tutorial is here

i find if your too lazy (like me :D) to do some fancy pance layout, i just lightmap pack it with a bigbooty margin so you don’t have paints spill over.