UV mapped normal channel

I would like to use a normal map for uv mapped textures. However, this requires the use of more than 1 texture channel, which i’m not sure is possible. I’ve read that it is possible to create real time normal maps. I’d like to have the following uv texture channels: normal, image, dirt. Is this possible? Thanks.

As long as the mesh has already been UV mapped, you can use the image texture. Then in the “Map Input” tab of the materials buttons, select “UV”. You can now use the “Map To” controls as normal.

Thanks - that worked on the first try. However - it renders like I want it to, but it only display the flat image map and not the normal map info in the game mode. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Yes, You must make sure its on texture mode!! You are probably way past this, because your castle rocks. Keep up the good work!

Yes, this thread was from 2006, before blender could show real-time normal maps (I believe). I’ll go ahead and close this thread, and call it solved.