UV Mapped object loses color when map applied.

Take a cylinder. Make it your favorite color. Apply a UV Map to the top circular face of it. The color disappears from the whole rest of the cylinder.

Why? :confused:

I would like to apply a UV to one part of the cylinder and still have the rest stay the color I want.

Hit V in the 3D window to go into Vertex Paint mode and you’ll see that the default color is white. And the rest of the object is only white in Textured (potato) mode. That’s because potato mode was originally primarily support for the ganeengine.


Thanks! I’m trying out your suggestion right now.

I’m looking forward to this project turning out really well. I’m hoping it will look really cool when I’m done with it. IF I can get it to a presentable state I’m hoping to post it for you all to look at.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to report back to at least let you know how your suggestions are progressing.

Again… Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: