uv mapped render in yafray

hello, ok i’ve uv mapped an object and it’s all good except when i want to render in yafray, now i read somewhere awhile ago that you need to assign the mapped image as a texture and in the material settings you set it to uv instead of orco, ok this is working for one of the mapped images in blender internal but not in yarfay and when i apply more images to the same object the last one always overloads the rest and it still won’t render in yarfay is there somehting i can do, please help :slight_smile:

i think you may need as many materials as images you use. or combine all images into one, uv-map that and render (uv mapping is so handy because you can pack all texture data for an object into one single file)

Are all of them .tga? I believe that is the only format that Yafray will accept from blender.

Also do you see all the images have been loaded? Look in the blender console when rendering with yafray to make sure.

YafRay also accepts jpg files. first you map the object. and then under materials add image ( same image as uv) map to UV and in the text box name the object. btw. YafRay also supports multiple mapping, meaning that you can use differnt maps for color, spec , hard, bump, and even displace.
cool stuff.