UV Mapped Spheres

(BgDM) #1

Hey there. Just a little test of UV mapping onto a UV Sphere, (go figure). There are some texture errors, but it came out not too bad.


The textures are from my starfighter work and UV mapped to the sphere. Added the reflective texture and used strubi’s zblur for the slight DOF. Comped in Photoshop.


(S68) #2


Nice and veery shiny!

Like them!

Only glitch, besides a non seamelessness on big rightmost sphere is, maybe, a low poly count.

/me feels the urge to render some other sphere too…


(BgDM) #3

Stefano: I actually tried it with a higher polycount and it came out the same. I think it is because I used a planar image map for the UV and it gets placed weird onto the sphere.

I know about the non-seamless on the big one to the right. Not sure why it is, because the line just below it fits perfectly. Hmmm…


(snailrose) #4

verry cool…


(blengine) #5

nice job, shiny balls always interest me…so much cooler than regular balls…hey, in fact, any kind of balls interest me…

(dreamsgate) #6

Into your corner, naughty boy!

(dickie) #7

simple but elegant.
i like your balls dude.

(CurtisS) #8

Interesting textures. Very cool, kind of like the little flying ball in Harry Potter.