UV-mapped T-REX

hi there…as you asked…see my UV-mapped T-REX indkltr2002.tripod.com/t-rex.jpg.it is not textured yet .it is only mapped with numbered image which will help me to paint the textures.believe it or not it took 3 weeks to map the whole model with avg of 4-5 hrs work everyday.i think i will finish the texturing sometime around next week.hope you like my work. :smiley: :smiley:

LOOKS AMAZXING! :o :o :o :o :o :o

holy cow!

where did you learn to uv texture?

i have eben trying for a while, and looks like you got it perfectly!


Can you make a small tut , how to UV texture complicated meshes like yours T-Rex ?
i am working upon a womans body study, and soon i am going to texture it, i now i need to use UV tex, because of the mesh complication, but i dont know how to do this…
please explain,please help…



astonishing !!! :o :o :o

:o Cool :o

Yeah, It looks like you’re a professional in UV texturing, and I do believe it took you so much do UV tex so nicely such a difficult model.


P.S. Whi not posting in the I Made This Forum?

heh, it’s paint-by-numbers!

I would definetely leave one version like that… we have seen ultrarealistically textured models before, but this is just great! :slight_smile: love it!


please psot a uv texturing tute, need to know how to uv texture soon!

spidey needs webbing!

Nice Picture, just wanna know where you got the reference pictures from??


WOW! Great model! Can´t wait to see it´s final texture!

This image (the one i use) is VERY similar to the one used on this image, i’ve decided to make it freely available at my website, i can since i made it :slight_smile:



this one also seems to work well for ‘decals’ (small image/large alpha)


how do you get to your web site?

I seem to have the darnedest time when trying to connect to peoples links :slight_smile: I click on the link and it just says “Image hosted by tripod” no links or anything… any ideas?

The link I get response on is http://dkltr2002.tripod.com/t-rex.jpg

Nice picture btw!

errr….i am really surprised that I got so many replies from you people.thanx for complementing my work.now I feel more excited to finish it.i returned home just yesterday and gonna have my busiest time of the year ahead.i think I will be able to finish the texturing some time around next week or so.it is delayed coz there are viva exams in my class this week.those damn things…always knocking at the door!!….and yes some of you asked me to put some tute on UV-mapping.me too was thinking the same.i will try to make one after the T-Rex project is finished.be good.bye…k :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


when whork is nicely done one gets lots of replies and ‘how did you made that’ replies :slight_smile:

BTW, have you read the small lines in my other post, did you :smiley:


I was just mentioning this tonight, how the blender community is very much lacking uv tutorials for non-gamers.