UV mapped textures not appearing

Hello, I have run into this problem off and on the last few weeks. My UV textures only appear when I run the standalone player.

My object is UV unwrapped, mapped to the same image loaded on the DEFUALT material. I have tried enabling various options under Material->options with no noticeable change.

My Texture is set to image, the image selected is the same assigned to the UV map panel. Mapping is set to UV.

I have attempted 2 clean installs of blender 2.65 and restarted my project numerous times.

Although I can work with blank objects (with difficulty) knowing they will show up in the final standalone player version. This is extremely tiresome and requires additional time-consuming steps.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Is it possible that the compound image I am using is too large? My image is 24mb. Containing all of the images of aprox 1200 cards. I was previously recommended to merge the images into one file and use a single texture with alternate mapping coordinates for each card?

You shouldn’t have to re-install Blender, and you shouldn’t have to restart your project - chances are, your problem is common.

So, what rendering mode are you using (GLSL, Multi-texture, Single-texture)? Are you looking through the 3D view in Textured mode?

I am running GLSL but I have tried multi-texture as well. Display is in textured mode… The UV texture appears in the window when using a smaller scale image, but will not display the UV isolated quadrant of the larger image I wish to use.

I took the size of the image down slightly and am able to see the individual cards again. Though not ideal as I would have preferred the better resolution of the larger file, I can construct the remainder of the game using this, and alter the texture later… As the final project will allow for multiple card resolutions this is acceptable… apparently Blender can only handle images of certain resolutions in the main window.

What was the size of the image that you were trying to use?