UV Mappin problem.

Ok, im sure you all have seen those pictures of the unwrapped textures and how the model looks unwrapped. Well i cant get my models to unwrap right.
I know you push E in the uv window to unwrap but when unwrap the whole model i just get this odd circle of faces. Then when i apply the texture its all scewd around the model.
So i have been having to select a the faces in small groups that unwrap right so i can just stick a texture straight to that.
But the time has come that i need to make a custom texture for a model and to make this texture look good i need to unwrap the whole model so i can make the texture fit exactly to the model.
Iv searched the forums but nothing has really been working. So if any of you people out there can tell me how to unwrap a whole model so i can customize a texture for it. Or send me a really detailed/ high grade tutorials couse…i really need em.

sounds like you should use seams to tell Blender where to cut the mesh. See the wiki on using seams…or other methods like spherical? I just rewrote wiki to reflect all new options in 2.43.
and have you tried switching the UV Calc from Angular to Conformal? it’s a mesh or editing panel tab…and is more unwrapping the old way…

Ok, i’ll check wiki out