UV-mapping a complex mesh

Can one mesh have many LSCM-maps? I’m trying to texture skin on a bat using a bitmap image and don’t know where to place all the seams so it would be easier to make maps one by one. The wings connected to the round arms are flat so do they have to be mapped from both sides or not?
Is LSCM-mapping the one for this or some other mapping?
Any tutorials on mapping complex shapes?

Just give them seperate Materials and/or seperate Vertex Groups, then you can use a seperate image for each one.

And don’t use .bmp; you’ll run into a load of hassle.


I found this texturing tutorial and there is other tutorials too. It says which version of Blender it’s written for and that’s good too.

Texture Mapping Character Meshes in Blender


[quote=“Fligh %”]Just give them seperate Materials and/or seperate Vertex Groups, then you can use a seperate image for each one.

Where in what mode do I make the separate vertex groups? I already have vertex groups made for the armature so that those groups follow the right bones. Do I use those groups or make other groups? If I select one of these vertex groups assigned to the armature and then go to uv-select mode, they de-activate.

You can make new Vertex Groups that follow what you want to UVMap (for example, you want the ears on a head to have a seperate map so you make a Group for ‘Ear.R’ and ‘Ear.l’). Then go into Face mode (F) and Tab into Edit mode, hit A to deselect all verts, in F9 Select Ear.R from the menu and press ‘Select’ and do the same for Ear.L. Now all the verts for the 2 ears are selected. Hit Tab to go back to Face mode and the 2 Vert Groups for the ears will be slightly pinker than the rest of the head. Hit U and choose the Calculation method and only the ears will be projected.


Thanks Fligh % Forum Monkey, I can now map the images although the vertex groups in the UV image editor are a mess and can’t tell what is what when zooming in. 8)
I have now more UV faces than vertexes. If I select vertex groups in Edit-mode and go to UV Face select mode, there is extra UV Faces near the limbs, so I can’t select these extra faces to my new vertex group in Edit Mode. :o :o

If you make new Vertex Groups they can overlap existing ones.


My model’s position is a little different in UV Face Select Mode than in Edit Mode because of the armature. It stretches the vertexes next to the limbs so it just looks like there is extra faces.

I removed the armature modifier and the whole skeleton but the body still deforms when I go from Edit Mode to UV Face Select Mode or Object Mode.