UV mapping a dragon?

(rwv01) #1

Hi all!

I’m trying to UV map a dragon.

Is there a good tutorial somewhere that involves painting in a separate 2D program?

Does any one have a meathod for making good UV maps for animals?


(S68) #2

kos is doing great stuff with a T-rex…

ask him :smiley:


(kos) #3

i am here.texturing a organic model is a very tough one i guess.you need a lot of skill and patience to do this.i am currently making the bump mapping on the t-rex-body.i am doing it in PSP-7.02.but at first you will have to map the UV on the model perfectly.it HAS TO BE seemless.do acheive this firstly you have to make testing texture with numbers on it and different colours.that is how you will be able to distinguise the actual mapping.i have made separate materials and texture mappings for the upper-head,lower head,nech,body,upper leg,lower leg,tail etc.if you are not in hurry then you can wait for the tutorial which i am gonna make after the texturing is completed.good luck and bye.

(rwv01) #4

Thanks guys! It sounds like this is just what I need.
I’m still working on the mesh, so there’s no rush.
By the way kos, That’s a great looking T-rex!