uv mapping a floor plank with no success

I am trying to uv map this simple floor plank and no matter how i cut the seems or use any unwraping tooks I always get this:

I want it to unwrap proportional like i can with the ‘projection from view’ unwrap from sides and front. How can I achieve it ?

Like this :


why not just use ‘project from view’? do the front and back, move them off to the side, do the sides, move them off to the other side, do the top and bottm, move them or not…then use A in the 3D window ( select all or seselect all ) to select all faces, and in the UV window, reposition them to your liking.

i have done that, I did projection from view and move it to the side in the UV and when I try front, doing projection from view, it deletes the last one and puts up the new one…???

Try smart projections?

by ‘move to the side’ i meant move the UV nodes to the side of the UV window. That way when you load the other angles you won’t be loading them on top of the coords you already loaded. just sort of to keep stuff organized. Then you can move them into place more easily once they are all loaded. You need to be sure also, that when you are loading from the 3D view, you must have only the faces that you want to load selected.
(edit) btw, in the UV window, the commands to move stuff around are the same as in the 3D window. G for grab, S for scale, and R for rotate.

Got it now, thanks !