UV mapping advice


few questions try a bit of architecture in blender doing some basic modelling and want to start doing some textues for the work shown very simple as you can see and all one object

is there a way in which i can texture parts of this at a time like for example can i texture the outside by mapping the outside faces then come back to the interior later?

i know how to set up the creases to export the whole thing as one template for texturing, but can you arrange one object into groups so that i have the exterior on one tga and interior on the other tga???

thanks in advance


UV mapping is best technique for creating good work. see this 1st Image link is the UV
and this is the character

Each face should considered when you make UV.

A lot depends on how complex the scene becomes. For a simple scene you could keep it as one object and have one uv map using different textures for the inside and outside, but as it gets more complex, having seperate mesh for each texture causes less problems.