UV Mapping - Aligning faces

Hi everyone,

I’m now texturing the models from this thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=41907

And per the suggestions, I’m giving Blender’s UV functions a second go, mainly because Wings gets really crabby about my horribly non-manifold meshes (low poly counts are needed, so it’s a necessity). I’ve figured out edges, but is there any way to get the faces to be straight? Whenever I unwrap them, they come out at all different rotations, nary a straight edge in sight. I know I can manually adjust them, but isn’t there a better way?


use planar proections and manual editing instead of lscm

lscm is better at organic models

also, manual editing will be required regardless.

[with enough seams lscm might do a reasonable job, but you’d still probably want to setup things to use mirrored uvs, might as well do it the old way…]

Not to sound like a retard, but how would I go about using planar projections? Are those the maps you generate “from window” ? And if so, is there a way to combine the maps that generates into one sheet?




it will be a lot of work

[I guess planar projection is the 3ds max term, not having used that app it is interesting I chose it]

you can “merge” two verts in the uv editor with the v key [this is such a cool feature!!!]

you probably want to turn off snap to pixels [UVs menu] and turn on Draw Faces [View menu]

and turn on “Stick UVs to mesh Vertex” or “Stick Local UVs to mesh vertex”… at the moment I don’t know the difference between them but it might be helpful

oh, and now that I consider your meshes again I find this a good time to shamelessly plug a script I’ve neglected plugging


it does projections along the axes faces are primarily facing across. This maps mechanical shapes nicely, you might have good luck, you might not

uhh, you probably want to run it before you mess with other things, it acts on all faces [not just the selected ones]

/me rolls up sleeves.

Looks like it will be a long road then. Ah well, bring it Blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tested your script out, and it did indeed seem to work very nicely! And in the course I found out Wings screwed up my models. Ergh. Damn manifold meshes…grumble

Thanks for the info and the script!


This bugged me for months, especially on inorganic models but I recently found it buried in some post here. You can quickly and easily align your verts in the uv window.

  1. Select the vertices you want to align.
  2. Weld/Align them – it is a menu item in UV > Transform > Weld/Align, but it is easier with keystrokes. Hit WKEY (first all verts align together into one point), then either x or y, depending on which axis you want to align to (the verts now align on that axis), hit enter to accept the transform.
  3. Done
  4. Then do the vertices along the other axis and eventually you will end up with square faces where you want them.
  5. Make sure to pin the vertices when you are done.
  6. Oh, and follow the instuctions above for sticking uvs to mesh for selecting the vertices properly.

Good luck!


Sorry to pester y’all so much about this, but I’m still trying to figure this out completely. How DO I generate different maps from the window? Each time I generate a map it replaces the one I just made.

z3ro d, your script works wonderfully, but since it generates a map for everything at once, many of the objects are too small to properly texture. Is there a way around that? My only thought was to break the models down into seperate objects, is there any other way?

Thanks again for all the help, I really appreciate it!