uv mapping alpha channel and extensions

hi guys
i have a problem with uv mapping

i want to put a photo with alpha channel …now when i try psd it doesnt work at all, when i try png the alpha channel doesnt work and the photo is deistorted

when i try tif still the alpha doesnt work.what shall i do, any help?

and i forgot to say that targa doesnt have alpha too so it didnt work

anyone here…im haveing a dead line for this project so ill appretiate if someone helps me fast :slight_smile:

just a quick question is the UseAlpha button turned on… :confused:

if this button is on, then is this problem only with this particular image or with all the images which have alpha channel?

the draw with alpha is on…and what happens is it draws the image with alpha in the uv maooing window but on render it draws it white :S

this isnt it…

if you want to use images alpha channel, you have to turn on UseAlpha button under Texture menu

man im doing uv mapping…its not a texture…plz give me a screen shot of what you are talking about.thanks man…tommorow is the dead line :S


  1. after you have uv maped your image

2,3,4. you have to assign it as a texture to your material, to see the image

  1. then you turn on the UseAlpha

  2. you can turn on the Alpha button too to see the alpha channel

  3. then you choose your texture under materials menu and turn on the UV button menu – under Map Input

  4. and there you have it


thank you very much man…really i appretiate your help.actually i wasnt doing it like that.i was using tex face for material.again thank you

I also want to thank Max Evil for this explanation. It was just what I needed to understand how to use this technique. Very handy. Thanks!