Uv mapping and modelling... Help!

hi… im new to blender… i’m a young artist only the age of 13 but i find myself with a passion for modelling… anyways… i have created this gun model (it isn’t perfect) but i need help with UV mapping any recommended tutorials… something to get me started in the world of blender i have played with blender for 2 months but have never got into a serious project due to school work… now i’m free for a bit and want to set myself down for a serious project a goal and i’m wondering…

  1. how to UV map or texture

  2. whats a good starting project to strive towards

This is the gun i modelled… my reference picture


I just learned UV mapping for about a month. You need to be in edit mode -> select uv mode at the top -> then switch it to texture paint-> then click on the mesh option -> unwrap UV.

Here is an example: The UV map part starts around 12 mins.

Thanks… i’ll check it out soon when my internets back up and running faster…