uv mapping and rendering.

So i’m not sure what i’m doing wrong here. I gave my character a green material, then i made seams and i unwrap the mesh and fixed it how I wanted in gimp. see below, it looks good in edit and object modes.


But something is still wrong because as you will notice in the image above the painted unwraped mesh does not show up as painted (on the right hand view panel), it still looks blank, but it shows on the character. So I think something is wrong here but I don’t know what I did to cause that.

Then the main question I have is why it does not render correctly. I tried giving the material a texture and hope it would render like how it looked in object and edit more… but here is what i got.


Any ideas on what I could be doing incorrectly? Thanks in advance…

If you add a texture to a material and want to use UV coordinates then in the Texture / Mapping panel set the Coordinates to UV

The texture in the UV image editor window is not used for rendering. Use that window just for positioning textures. You have set the view to textured and if you set the shading to GLSL you will see the material texture, not any old texture you have in the image editor window.

Thanks, that did it… and just in case someone else needs this… Here is what it is: