UV mapping and subsurfing....

So i made a little model of a submarine, then wanted to UV map some rust and rivets and such onto it. It looks fine in UV mapping mode, but because the model’s subsurfed, the UVMapping looks all weird and warped when I render. Is there any easy fix for this (aside from converting the subsurfs to a mesh and mapping to that)?

Also, I remember once seeing a tutorial about realistic rust using procedurals in blender. I’ve lost the link. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

ok first subsurf first then uv map. subsurfing after uvmapping distorts the image.

Rust can be easily done with procedurals. Use the cloud and stucci textures in combination and use COL and NOR buttons in the texture options then create vertex groups to where u want to apply the material to.
In the link and material panel select a vertex group and assign the rust texture. Move the vertices around to edit the edges of the rust.

Hope it helps.

I hope you meant subsurf, convert to regular mesh, then uvmap

the reason subsurfed uv mapped textures will look weird sometimes is because of how subsurfs smooth the mesh. This is one of the reasons to use all quads and edge loops. Look at how a 5 edged vert has different angles of the edges coming out of it when subsurfed and not. With 4 edged verts, as much in a + shape as possible the effect is minimal and not a problem. However, when you use 3 and 5+ edged verts, as well as triangles the problem is a lot more common. Also, it happens if you have a face for example with two edges in a line, when subsurfed those edges have almost a 90 degree angle. Diamond faces can do this too, it can be caused by a lot of bad mesh problems.

srry im half asleep my bad :-?

If I am not mistaken there are applications that correctly map uv’s to the limit surface of a cc subsurf. If you convert a uvmapped subsurf to a regular mesh in blender you will notice that the uv coords have only been subdivided using a basic method similar to turning subsurf on, and changing the type to ‘simple’. I wonder if there are any plans to fixthe subdivision of uv coordinates so that they follow a set of rules that plays nicely with the catmull clark smoothing.