UV Mapping and texture template


I am trying to create a texture template by exporting a tga file after unwrapping my mesh for a vest I have created. However some of the wrinkles in the vest are close enough together that they don’t unwrap nicely. And I am not sure how best to create a uv map so I can see all the individual squares. This is especially so under one of the arms…and I imagine I need to see them all for a good texture template. I have included a pic and I would appreciate any feedback.

I thought that if you scale up the linked uvs, pin the four corners, and unwrap again that you would see some very equal scaled quads. Did you unwrap from view or something other than marking seams and unwrapping?

hmmm…I have seams along the top of shoulders and down the sides of vest. Then I just selected all and did u for unwrap and then exported the tga from the uv editor window.

Should I have done it different?

Also if you don’t mind me asking how would I scale up linked uvs (and what are linked uvs?) Sorry…I also don’t know where I would begint o pin! Thanks for any direction you can give me!

Okay, I am not an expert but I have read a bit and watched some very good tutorials by blender artists around these parts :wink: First thing is when you hit unwrap, you then have the shapes you see their. Hovering over a vertex in the uv image editor, press ‘L’ to select all linked verts, then you can rotate/scale/grab like you do in 3d space. Position them and scale them up to take the best use of the image you are going to mapp them to , and do the same for the other parts. Select a Vert on each opposit side, preferably the corner, and use ‘P’ to pin them. Once this is done, you can select the faces in the 3d view and unwrap with U again,and you will see the unwrap even out some, at least it usually does for me. I hope that helps.

This is very helpful…thanks! I always really appreciate when someone takes the time to help out on here! So I guess my next question (if you don’t mind!) is won’t scaling and grabbing etc…change the mesh? Or don’t I understand something here…

Don´t worry. Scaling, grabbing, and pinning UV vertices will not affect your mesh. All you are doing is simply mapping the location of the points to assist you in scaling and placing images correctly when you edit your tga file in gimp or whatever software you may happen to use. Hope this answers your question!

Yes, you have definitely helped point me in the right direction! Thank you! If you don’t mind I have just one more…if I scale the whole uv map up and export to gimp… then I apply the texture and import it back into blender will it apply to the mesh wrong or does it need to be a particular size? Thanks again!

No, the image editor will take the larger image, but you might need to resize your uv islands after you open the image again. As long as you don’t change your aspect ratio, you should be fine.

Thanks again for all your help :smiley: