UV Mapping and unwanted material color?


I’m using UV mapping in Blender, which I’ve done before. The problem this time is that for some reason there is a green material color (or something) which is washing out my texture. Since I’m not using a material, I made sure that I deleted any material associated with the mesh object (a simple cube this time), but the green color remains.

Any ideas on why this is occurring and how I can get rid of it?

Here is a link a screen shot of my green cube. Note, the texturing is just a random texture, and not meant to be perfectly mapped to the cube. But, the cube should be white, as the texture is, but it looks green!

Thanks for any feedback!

Press V in the 3D window and in F9 check your VCol color. If it’s green set it to the color you want and press “Set VertCol” then in the Mesh tab click “Delete” next to VertCol. If that’s not it then look in your World buttons for Ambient Green.


Alright! Thanks, Fligh, that solved it for me. :cool: