UV Mapping and Yafraw

I have looked, but I can’t find anywhere that says this is not supported. But Yafray
does not respect my UV Mapped faces, it always wants to put the textures there. The first image is yafray, second is blender internal.

Thanks for helping me!


First off,before making a new thread, search for the topic.And I can say that your question had already been answered several times.
As for your question.“You may have chosen an unsupported image format. YafRay only supports a limited set of texture formats, which are Targa (.tga), Jpeg (.jpg), Radiance (.hdr/.pic) and OpenEXR (.exr).”(I quoted this one from http://wiki.yafray.org/bin/view.pl/UserDoc/FaqEng#Q01_Why_do_my_textures_not_work )

I did search them first (didn’t I say that :wink: . I am using .tga so that is not the problem. I can get texture images to work but not UV maps. In fact I can use this exact same ‘white spot’ image as a texture but not as a UV map.

Since I tried this I can get it to work with other image maps, just not this one (here is a link to it, try it!)


I just happened to see this, it is a bug. For once I had a bit of time to fix this, but I guess that is of no use to you if can’t compile yafray yourself.
As you pointed out, It has nothing to do with uv-mapping, it is the targa image itself. I guess best solution for now is to convert the targa to jpeg, or alternatively, since the error is in the colortable code, try converting the targa to a true-color image instead of a colormapped image.