UV Mapping/Apply Mirror First?

Just wondering if thats what you should be doing first.
All the tutorials I’ve seen start from a cube, or a a half head that was duplicated and flipped over.
So that’s why I’m a bit confused.

Well, that depends… do you want the two sides to use the same UV space? If so, apply Mirror afterwards, if you want sides to have unique detail, apply first, then UV.

I see, it makes sense now.
Only thing is that if you apply the mirror, you have to arrange the UV Map for both sides?
Seems a bit tedious, hopefully it Unwraps decently.
And of course you have to decide if your mesh is ready for it. =/
Thanks for the help.

I generally fix the UVs first, correcting the proportions and fixing errors, and only afterwards put them in one layout. You can apply Mirror between these stages, so that you have identical unwraps, but can place them seperately. This works best for objects that are actually apart. For example, if you plan to give a face fully unique UVs, you’re better off applying the mirror before unwrapping, but with two shoes, it’s easier to make good UVs for one and then apply mirror.

If you have a perfectly simmetric object- unwrap, then apply mirror.
Note that theres also Pin and Unpin feature in Blender (P, Alt + P).

Im starting to see the advantages of applying or not.
or WHEN actually.