UV mapping blues

Hi all,
I have been trying to figure out which mode of UV mapping to use for an aircraft fuselage.
I ran the gambit and can’t seem to get anything that works.
It seems that no matter which mode I use there is something that does not look right.

I am at a standstill until I can confidently apply a texture map.

Does Blender UV unwrapping work for complicated models?
Why does a symmetrical object not unwrap symmetrically?
Both side of the fuselage are the same ant yet when I unwrap them, the sides are different and need to be tweaked.

Do you have to do a lot of tweaking after you unwrap a model?


MC200-V02-009unwrap.blend (1.14 MB)

A word of advice. First correct your model. geometry is complicated, thats why you are having problems with uv i guess.
If you want to use the attached textures. Then from side view, press u and select “project from view”. (its better if you use mirror modifier and unwrap as suggested)
Best way is to seperate the pieces, like tails, wings, canopy, tail wings etc and unwrap them seperately.

See this book - maybe you will find the “Excerpt III - Materials and Textures” interesting enough :). It describes in detail UV-unwrapping of a detailed WWII airplane…

Thanks for the replies.
In what way is the model too complicated?
Is it only that I need to separate the wings etc.?

Witold, thanks for the free downloads.
I was looking at the pictures (sadly I don’t speak Polish and translating the book will take some time) You not only separate the wings
and other parts, but it looks like you also split up the fuselage into different sections as well.
How do you get it to be separate on the UV map? How do you determine where the best place to separate?
Which UV unwrap method are you using?

UV - Project from View, combined with unwrapping.
But I doubt that just a few words will explain you everything.
As you can see, the complete description is in the English version of this book, here. (Probably it cost much less than its printout on the laser printer :))